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There is almost nothing which compares to a hot cup of coffee. Brewed using just what’s in your pack deep into the backyards of America. Far more complicated a commute than to the local Coffeehouse. Taking more pride in this two-ingredient mixture than any cup made at home or purchased from a well-trained barista.  You noncoffee drinkers may not think of reading this post. Soon you will see it offers a parallel to all camping pleasures we enjoy.

I remember during a long week of backpacking in Alaska. The notion of a large porcelain percolating coffee pot being carried in by me laughed upon. I remember the “you’re crazy, that’s is going to be so heavy” chants along with “your carrying that thing by yourself.” Even with the jeers from the crowd, I loaded up the blue beast with filters. Included a good grind and lugged it several miles to our home pitched in the woods.

Now the parallel. Some of the meals we put together from the simple PB&J  to the most complex but well planned main dish have the same fuel stoking need to pack it into your remote location. The need to get everything just right. Along with the sights, conversations by the fire and events etched in our minds. So too are the meals. Both the good and the bad. So as we go through the choices of camp coffee.  Fish and Eggs made for breakfast your coffee will get a big thumbs up too.

Now I have tried many different techniques for making my brew. From Instant to that large percolator. These are my thoughts:

Instant: Man they come a long way in this category. Instant coffee provides an option that is packable, lightweight, easy, and limited to no mess. This option allows you to bring various brews along on your trip. Enabling you to vary the taste to your palate from one cup to the next. An instant is a great option, and I know it is the one Jamie uses on her backpacking or even car camping trips.

Percolator: Advantage is the water source boiled before service, which while in use at the boundary waters of Minnesota made for an easy pot dipping right of the surrounding lakes and not using your precious filtered water reserves. (Note: Although this purifies your water it does nothing to remove mud or debris.) Another advantage is that multiple cups can be made at one time

French press: There are a couple of disadvantages to french press, one it is messy as heck and that only one cup made. With these disadvantages, it still it makes a good cup of coffee.  For me, this is not the ideal camping technique.

Now for one of my favorites…

Pour Over: The water is boiled, which has a similar advantage to the percolator. Afterward,  it then can be poured over your grind for a perfect cup of coffee. The coffee should steep for 2-3 minutes at 195 to 205 deg. Fahrenheit. Using a folding, or collapsible filter, serving makes it very packable. Clean up between each cup is a breeze with a paper filter. The only drawback is only one cup at a time.


Hope you enjoyed this as much as your next cup of camp coffee!




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