Keep Your Seasonal Fruits Fresher Longer

Love Those Fresh Fruits, Don’t You?

We all have been there. We pay those high in season prices for that succulent basket of blackberries. Only to have them turn moldy soon after you buy them. Blackberries along with many of the fruits of the summer season are high in all the things right for you. These fruits are used in everything from your morning smoothies to being grabbed as an afternoon snack. Having these fruits increasingly available during the summers months is always looked forward to as the winter blues fade. Without this simple trick all too often these fruits are throw away well before they are all enjoyed.

It is as Easy as One, Two, Three

I have found the following technique to work the best. These process does not alter the taste of the fruit, instead of giving life well past the expected time you have seen in the past. The ingredients are simple, all you need is water and white vinegar.

Start by spending that hard earned money on that farm stands fresh fruit. After you get your fruit home grab a bowl and add four (4) parts water to one (1) part white vinegar. Pour your berries or other fruits into the bowl. Let the fruit soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

The next step is an important one. Even though you have the urge to rinse your fruit do not. Cleaning the fruit after with water removes the vinegar, the critical component to this process. Just drain and place into a suitable container in your refrigerator.

Why it Works

Vinegar is mild acetic acid. Even with the white vinegar, you buy in stores being diluted to a 5% concentration, this vinegar still is proven to kill 90 % of the mold and its spores typically found on fruit. Vinegar also has a 99.9 % kill rate on the other bacterias which could be present. Vinegar is safe to consume and mixing at the ratio of 4:1 will not give your fruit a soar taste giving you added enjoyment at each bite.

What you will find is the fruits you bought will now last days longer without any signs of that pesky fuzzy growth. Saving you money by not wasting food that should be enjoyed not throw in the trash.

Time To Eat

One of my favorite ways to enjoy fruit at that outing on a hot summer day is to sprinkle a salty chili powder mix on top of cut fruit. You can make your own by mixing salt and chili powder at a ratio of three (3) parts chili powder to one (1) part salt. If time is an issue just sprinkle Tajin Clasico seasoning with a subtle taste of lime. You can pick up Tajin in your local supermarket in the authentic food aisle. Either seasoning choice goes very well on those sweet summertime fruits. This sprinkle also goes great on top of deviled eggs instead of Paprika.

The heat from the chilly powder is also an excellent pairing for that cold adult beverages. Stay safe but have a good time this summer. Pat Gazettour

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