Lake powell

Kayak and Still Water, Lake powell

Kayak still Water Traveler(s): Father Daughter team of Alan and Anna  Coordinates: 37°04’28.8″N 111°14’33.7″W After enjoying another great breakfast.  We loaded the kayak’s  on the Jeep and  headed to the boat ramp. Lake Powell was smooth as glass today. Launching our kayaks, we headed out to Antelope Canyon. In search of the well known Slot Canyon. With no wind, paddling up stream was an easy task.  
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Salt Lake

Promontory Point Salt Lake

Added By: Pat Marsh History is not dead. During my work trip to Salt Lake Utah, I was able to see two amazing sites. The Spiral Jetty and Promontory Point. Both of these locations have such a rich history to them. Promontory Point is a place I remember learning about in school. Just north of Salt Lake his
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