More Then a Strip Tease, Las Vegas

We Do Get It We Do

We understand why everyone goes to Las Vegas, the allure of doing whatever you want within the law of course. And as you walk around you see examples of these extremes gathered here. Everything from liquor to women and men for hire, if you want to try it, you can buy it. But we want to share the other side of Las Vegas the outdoor gamble. Sit back and be prepared to discover a different kind of striptease.

The Glitz and Glamour Maybe

Let’s get the mess out of the way. If you travel here, you know of the two strips, the new and old. The New Strip is all dressed up, and offers tons to do, including dinner, dancing, and gambling. As the saying goes things “stay” in Vegas, including the money spent at the glittering casinos found all along Las Vegas Boulevard. You’ll also spend lots of time on your feet, so put your good walking shoes on, you will need them. Remember that taxis and other transportation methods are available at a moments notice.



Then there is the Old Strip offering a darker and less glittering side to Vegas. The stench of everything from stale beer to vomit hit your noise while you walk, but we assure you, it is worth the trip. Here you will see the harder working entertainers who will give you something to remember you might say the roots of this town. If you plan a visit to this section in the city, the safe approach is to park close and keep your walking to a minimum. As you drive around this town while touring other places, you see that Freemont street offers a genuine picture of this city. 

The Show Business

   There are a lot of celebrities here. Some of which are worth the visit. Pawn Stars Gold and Silver Pawn, Rick’s Restoration, and Counts Kustoms. You can browse through some unique finds, and see the same set used in the shows. Counts have many of the cars they’ve produced situated in a beautiful display area. Take a tour through Ricks and see them at work restoring old items to modern works of art. Also, a visit to the Atomic Testing Museum gives a good account of the nuclear age. Or if you’re in the mood for something a little different, you can get married at the Little White Chapel home of some ionic weddings. Revisit the golden era of crime at the Mob Museum all the gruesome details.

Enough with the Striptease

There is much more to tell than the stories that stay here. We also encourage to venture outside Vegas’s glittering strips. That is what we are going to help you with, in this article. To start,  you will need some transportation and allotted time. Let’s stay close within the confines of the short drives. Traffic here is unique to drive in and can be stressful. 


Breath that Fresh Air

  If you are the outdoor type, hop back in the car and venture a little bit further. Less than an hour to the west of the strip is  Red Rock Canyon. Here, you can stay in your car and drive through the scenic landscape. Or stop lace up your boots and hike around for a bit get an up-close feel of this canyons beauty. Just over an hour northeast of downtown is the Valley of Fire. This area includes everything from camping grounds to hiking trails that let you view the Instagram of the people who lived here 2500 years ago.

Time for a Dam Tour

   Saving the best for last, Hover Dam lies about an hour from downtown to the West. This destination is an engineering marvel. Built in the 1930’s the dam is a must see. Walk the perimeter and enjoy spectacular views of Lake Mead. You can also stroll across the pedestrian bridge just down river for a great reminder of your trip. One thing we say you have to do is to take the tour, where they show you around through 80 years of history.

Not everything Stays in Vegas

  We hope you found this a refreshing change of pace, and we hope it gives you an extra level of enjoyment in the Entertainment Capital of the World. I know it did for us.

  As always come tour with us…

     Pat Director of Touring


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