Things You Will Learn While Camping

If you’ve ever spent any amount of time camping, hiking, or just sitting and looking at what nature has to provide, you’ll probably nod your head knowingly to everything below. If not, then hopefully you’ll see why we get hooked on the out of doors.

Life Still Happens Without WiFi

Try unplugging for a few hours at first. Small steps… small steps. 

The world keeps spinning without cell service and WiFi. Not getting enough time off is a problem that most of us have to deal with. The ideal vacation time for us would be something like 6 months but in reality, we get a measly two weeks. (This is definitely limited time for us to create adventures). Incredibly, other people have vacation time and choose to not utilize it at all. 

Taking a moment to unplug will great a sense of ease and rest for your brain. Read a book uninterrupted, eat meals with friends, and remember what true conversation is like. Appreciate the simplicity of what nature has to offer.

Taking this time to unwind will have a greater impact on you than long nights at the office. We also know that when we return, probably exhausted, we will be ready for what life again has to offer with a clear mind… re-booted.

6 A.M. Is Not That Early

When you are camping, 6 A.M. is not considered early because lets face it, when the sun goes down we often head to the sleeping bags too. . It is the perfect time to wake up. The sun is up, birds are  chirping, and hopefully someone has already started both the fire and the coffee.

Take advantage of the early start! Spend those hours exploring and trying new things. 

Food Tastes Better Outdoors

Meals taste better with a hearty infusion of fresh air. I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard this is a great meal. Pancake tacos, fish and eggs made with fresh salmon off the Russian river in AK, oatmeal, and even Spam.  You worked hard for that meal and you appreciate the effort it took to get it and your plate to this dinning room.

The Groover is not as Scary as it Sounds  

The groover is just another part of camping.  It is a part of what we do. Ranging from a hole placed at the perfect crossed log spot, or the DNR placed squat spot. It is definitely not as smelly or dirty as it sounds. Perfecting the “bathroom” is a must because knowing the alternative—littering our woods in toilet paper—would be a lot worse.

Time Outside Changes You

There is something indescribable that happens when you spend time in the out of doors. The sounds, the smells, and the sights gets into your bones. Those tense muscles relax. You smile more. You sleep more deeply. When you get in tune with living , life fades away. You’re able to disconnect from your daily life, live in the moment, and reconnect with yourself and your loved ones in ways that only being in the wild can inspire.

Get Out and Play 

Experience what few have. Tell your story. Someone will listen. Someone will follow in your footsteps and think man this is great thanks

The team at Gazettour

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