Potato Creek State Park, Indiana hits it out of the park!

While looking to experience some great new outdoor venues, we recently hit Potato Creek State Park in Indiana. Having only a weekend’s worth of time to spend, Gazettour lacked time to explore everything Potato Creek has to offer entirely. So treat this an introduction, as we will be returning to discover the full story. But do not fret, we still explored. #gazettour

Potato Creek Indiana  


You will find your site with plenty of acreages, and ample shade, though level ground could prove to be somewhat tricky. My LG did just fine without any special equipment, but it took a little bit of finagling.  Friendly Staff is on hand throughout the weekend to help answer all the questions you might come across.

Potato Creek Indiana

The only advice we can give you is to bring an extra extension cord for your rig. Campers needing shore power should remember that electrical boxes placed between each site. Wide spacing translates into the long reaches for power. The Park staff informed us that they are taking measures to fix this.  They will be installing some power stations throughout the park. As far as facilities go, there are clean, though dated, bathhouses with plenty of hot water throughout the park.  Spot 214, our weekend home away from home, filled our mornings with bird watching and hot coffee, while night owls sang us to sleep. 

Potato Creek Indiana

Bring Your Outdoor Gear

Fishing: During our time in Potato Creek, the fishing was incredible! There are a plethora of good spots around the 327-acre lake, offering many different species of fish. The baits that yielded success ranged from artificial to live worms and minnows, Nets are needed to land the big ones too. Make sure to kayak or sail the jagged shore line as we hope to do on our next visit or relax in the park and take some time to people watch as we did. 

Potato Creek Indiana

Hiking: We did an 8-mile hike on Saturday in an attempt to see our way around Worster Lake, but we didn’t even make a dent. With marked trails dotting the entirety of the site, we know there’ll be plenty more to see next time we visit! Please keep a map handy. Otherwise, you could end up walking upstream into a peloton of mountain bikers! (Since the trails are dual use and you will share them with bikers at times.

Potato Creek Indiana

Potato Creek State Park was a blast, so if you are looking for a quick Midwest get away, this is all you need!


Pat, Director of Touring

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