Indiana Dunes Weekend Getaway

A short drive from Chicago, Indiana Dune State Park in Chesterton IN is the perfect weekend getaway for us. It has plenty of beautiful spots to explore, and it is also a perfect place to get away from the city and unwind.  

What the Indiana Dunes has to offer…

Over the years, we have noticed at the Indiana Dunes has a lot to offer and is a great vacation spot for many different types of people. In past trips, we have taken advantage of swimming in Lake Michigan, exploring on countless hiking trails, and getting a little happy on some winery tours

The park is well kept and has plenty of amenities to make your stay quite comfortable. In each camping loop, there are two modernized bath houses as well as playgrounds for the kids. Also, for each campsite, there are picnic tables, fire rings, and all the space you need to either set up tents or hook up an RV.

There are several trails, ranging from easy to rugged, around the park that lead you through varied topography. Most of the trails wind toward the lake shore so you can see the majestic Lake Michigan. Through miles of beach front to large mountainous dunes, no one will leave unhappy.  

The visitor center schedules events all season long to help in entertaining your stay. They have various demonstrations, nature lessons, and group hiking rendezvous all year round for different topics. If you have any questions about the park or surrounding wildlife, the ranger staff are super helpful and are willing to answer all your questions. 

One caveat for you to consider before coming to explore the Indiana Dunes 

You will need to make reservations as much as six months in advance and will have to be mindful of brash raccoons (they will help themselves to anything you leave out so practice clean camping at all times).


Sun rise and sunsets are a must. The magnificence of the lake and surrounding landscape give your camera much to work with.




Pat, Director of Touring

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