Tips to Make Hiking Simple and Safe

Here are some tips to help you stay safe on the trail: 



  • Stay Hydrated. Drinking water must be a priority while hiking and in order help remember to do so; we suggest using a hydration pack or a water bottle clip for easy accessibility. 


  • Calories. Your body burns a lot of calories while hiking so use this time to indulge in various snacks. Our favorite items are snickers, trail mix, and Camp Bread! For actual meals, make sure that you are taking into account calories and eating enough to replenish your reserves. 


  • Leave No Trace. Leave the trail the same/ or in better condition than you found it. 


  • Buddy System. Never go out hiking without telling someone where you are going, the path, and when you will be back. If something happens, you will have a person monitoring your trip. 


  • Pack Organization and Weight. We suggest keeping your pack well organized and to reduce weight if all possible.
    • Weight reducing techniques include: use synthetic clothing, bring water filtration system so you can carry less water, and pack things into smaller containers.
    • Also, keep your pack (and yourself) as dry as possible.


  • Additional Tips.
    • Keep a bandanna close this will come in handy on hot, humid days.
    • Use trekking poles.
    •  Rock cairns are not works of art but rather trail markers. Do not disturb them or create any off the trail; this could endanger the life of others. 
    • Always set your gear on a table weeks before a trip and review it daily to figure out what you really need. 

Important Note: 

If you find yourself in a troubled situation, stay focused and determine what your priorities are. Here are the questions we ask when in a situation:







Be safe out there and have a blast doing it,

The staff at Gazettour


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