Kayak and Still Water, Lake powell

Kayak still Water

Traveler(s): Father Daughter team of Alan and Anna 

Coordinates: 37°04’28.8″N 111°14’33.7″W

After enjoying another great breakfast.  We loaded the kayak’s  on the Jeep and  headed to the boat ramp. Lake Powell was smooth as glass today. Launching our kayaks, we headed out to Antelope Canyon. In search of the well known Slot Canyon. With no wind, paddling up stream was an easy task.





Following the main canyon till the end. Today’s water level on Lake Powell appeared to be 10 to 11 feet lower than normal. Needing to beach our kayaks, we continued on foot. Disappointed we couldn’t paddle our way to our destination. The exploration is so vast in this area.




The rock very smooth and slippery,  polished by the running water thru the many decades. This route made hiking interesting for sure.  We hiked up  Slot Canyon.



We returned to our final and home destination at 3:00 pm the designated return time. Waves made from passing speed boats while paddling were crazy.The narrow space between the canyon walls increased their Force. Tonight,  a good fire, guitar music and watched the stars. The sky is so clear it feels like you could reach out and touch them.

Other canyons to explore:

Cathedral Canyon
Cascade Canyon
Wetherill Canyon
Face Canyon


Lake Powell

Tips for your visit:

  •  Bring plenty of fuel if you plan to explore Powell’s remote areas.
  • Running out of gas is the most common problem boaters encounter. In some spots, it may be many hours or even days before another boat comes by.
  • Carry plenty of water and other fluids. Away from the marinas, there are no convenience stores.
  • Watch for shallow areas and submerged obstacles. The lake’s level varies from week to week and year to year. 
  • Powell’s remote canyons add to its personality, making it unlike any other lake in the world. A paradise of water, sand, and rock.
  • Have a good a geographical dictionary (map) such as a Gazetteer by Delorme
  • Waterproof shoes and weather appropriate clothing suggested
  • Leave no trace: Please carry out anything you brought with you and please leave the environment as you found it.
  • Don’t forget sunscreen.
  • Sunrise and Sunset times


Pat, Director of Touring

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