Destination Overview: Sedona , Arizona

Traveler: Pat

Coordinates: 34°52’11.0″N 111°45’39.7″W

Difficulty: Varies

Asked recently about Sedona, Arizona and what there was to do there,where to go, and what to see. I love this!  There’s nothing better than sharing my stories so someone else can share my experience  too!

Just recently a co- worker Paul asked me: “Debbie (his lovely wife) and I are thinking about going to Phoenix in a month. What can you tell me about the area?” By no means does he need my help to plan a trip, but he knows my nature; he knows of my drive to get out there and explore, to find those wow places. Thank you brother!

Presently Paul has family in Phoenix, so they’re using it as their hub for the 9 day stay in the region. Phoenix is absolutely great and offers countless ways to spend your time. There are numerous outdoor adventures coupled with Museums, shops, and great food.  

To me though, the north that’s where I have the most fun. 


Lets Go:

Sedona is a mecca for exploration possibilities. There are many trails around the area that allows you to look at the countless red rock formations in the area. As well as being able to take your rig off-road and explore the  Greasy Spoon or the Devil’s Bridge area. (If you need a decent place to borrow an off-road vehicle, check out the Pink Jeeps )

Finally, you can end your day with watching the sunset from the Sedona Airport Overlook.

Once you have had enough of the red rocks,  drive north through Slide Rock SP on 89A and head to Flagstaff. Due to the higher elevation, Flagstaff reminds me more of Wisconsin than it does Arizona.

Here you can see spectacular views from atop Humphrey’s peak and the Snowbowl ski area. There are also Lava Tubes  that you can spelunk in and journey deep into the earth. Conclude the trip with a drive down Shultz Pass road across to Sunset Crater.


Finally, do not forget about the Grand Canyon, from Flagstaff it is only a couple hours by car! 

As a note: Camping in this area is abundant. After a stop at the local Forest Service office getting the motor vehicle maps of the area. These will give miles of off highway access to secluded remote primitive  BLM campsites

Thanks and enjoy your travels!

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