How to make a durable clip for your Nalgene bottle

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Nalgene, in my opinion, the most convenient way to cart water on the trail. Keeping those Nalgene bottles harnessed now that a different story. Nalgene has a great warranty, but doing without your beloved Nalgene bottle till returned is not favorable. Today’s post is a way to remedy this problem.


This clip ring is for the standard Narrow Mouth Nalgene.


All you need are a few tools, inexpensive carabiner, and a hanger. One that will not rust.


11/32 socket or something 3/8 in diameter (carabiner)

1-1/16 socket(bottle neck)

Needle nose pliers

Side cutters

12” of hanger center marked

A vise or something to hold the sockets

Step by step

1. Bend the hanger around to small socket in the center creating a round hole. Spring back will make it the right size.

2. Now bend the neck side around the larger socket. Wedge the smaller hole on the vise to hold it.

3. Insert on your Nalgene bottle under the plastic lid ring. Under the collar ensures the lid can swivel.


4. Squeeze tight around the bottle neck and place a mark in the center. These are you hook loop marks.

5. Using the pliers bend the first loop down and around the pliers at the mark( step4). Trim and close the rest on the way

6. Put a slight bend (45 deg approx.) away from neck loop. This loop gives access to the finish hook.

7. Trim remaining straight end 1-1 ½ from centerline mark. This enables you to insert it in the other side.

8. Put hanger UNDER the plastic lid ring.


9. Insert straight end through the finished loop.


10. With your pliers bend the remaining loop. Do this while pulling tightly. This bend is the hardest part.


11. Trim and squeeze together the last loop.

There you have it a durable clip for your Nalgene bottle, which will last longer than the bottle itself. I’ve used my prototype for four years now still going strong.

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